Written by
Amy Buxton, Financial Trend Guru
, 5 March 2018


EQUI believes that for far too long, exciting venture capital opportunities have been exclusively reserved for the super wealthy and established entrepreneurs, which is why the early-stage venture fund is making it possible for anyone and everyone to get in on the action.

Don’t get sidetracked with all the technical jargon that sounds hard to understand, as we can explain the thinking behind EQUI in exceptionally simple terms. It’s a unified platform that allows anybody, from individuals through to experienced investment firms, to take advantage of potentially lucrative and always visionary investment opportunities. Sounds simple when you put it like that, doesn’t it? Well, let’s get a little more detailed.

Who dreamt up EQUI?

As you might have already deduced, an idea of this calibre was the brainchild of inspired minds and more than that, entrepreneurial minds. Baroness Michelle Mone, known for her successful Ultimo lingerie empire and Doug Barrowman, billionaire CEO of a private equity company, came together to create something new and special and EQUI is the result.

Built with blockchain technology and funded by an ‘initial coin offering’ (ICO), the basic idea is to raise $75million through the selling of a new cryptocurrency (otherwise known as digital currency) that, for the purposes of platform entry, will be labeled as “EQUItokens”.

What will EQUI Tokens be funding, exactly?

It would be a pretty hard sell to try and convince people to plump their hard-earned money into a new cryptocurrency simply to get a new investment platform up and running, but of course, there’s more to it than that. Mone and Barrowman have big plans for the money raised, in terms of developing the EQUI platform to a point whereby only those who are in possession of EQUItokens can access it and make informed decisions as to what to invest in and they will be spoilt for choice.

Choosing to buy EQUItokens will result in more than just a peek behind the curtain in terms of investment opportunities; it will afford owners the chance to actually get involved with venture capital projects that really appeal and best of all? Having been built using blockchain technology, the platform will keep secure data safe and private.

What is blockchain technology and is it safe?

Blockchain technology is the foundation of the EQUI platform and offers a fantastically secure and innovative way to communicate. Essentially, it is a way of distributing digital information to an endless number of recipients, without running the risk of it being copied; hence it was originally designed to be used in financial markets. In fact, it was created for Bitcoin, but has since been identified as having immense value for a wider range of purposes. By using blockchain technology to underpin the platform, EQUI aims to slash through age-old accessibility issues in a bid to give everybody equal opportunities to profit from savvy investments, while keeping their information safe and private. Military grade cryptography offers comprehensive peace of mind.

What can the EQUI team offer potential investors?

Advice, support, peace of mind and significant returns on investments, according to Mone and Barrowman,

“Our revolutionary investment platform fused with blockchain technology will leverage the power of the global community to provide backing to entrepreneurial businesses. EQUI has the ability to accelerate growth and return significant value for stakeholders through the use of its team’s established network and resource availability. EQUI is destined to become the leading hub for new and experienced investors wanting to be a part of the next game-changing ventures.”

What’s happening with EQUI right now?

If the idea of a new investment platform that seeks to make great returns for everybody, not just already successful entrepreneurs and experienced venture capital firms, appeals, you might be wondering how far along the developmental chain things are. Well, the good news is the EQUI has just opened up its pre-sale of EQUItokens and there are bonus incentives for anyone looking to get involved in this early stage, a 25% bonus to be precise. When the public ICO kicks in, on March 15th, the bonus will reduces to 15% and so on until there is no extra incentive to purchase, come the final day in March 2018.

There are three ways to get involved with EQUI, as it stands, so there absolutely is an option for everyone:

  • Buying tokens to become an investor. Once tokens have been bought and invested into projects on the platform, a share of 70% of the projects’ subsequent profits can be enjoyed. There is no limit to how many projects can be invested in and the EQUI loyalty system promises extra bonus tokens, to the tune of 5% of the original number bought.
  • Buying tokens to become a holder. This is exactly as it sounds. Tokens are not invested into projects, but kept in a bid to benefit from a hike in value.
  • Buying tokens to become a trader. Here, tokens are accrued and traded on third party exchanges, as and when the value increases.

The great news is that whichever motivation applies, full transparency is always guaranteed,

“All EQUItoken owners will have access to the platform and the ability to review an evolving selection of investment projects. All showcased projects will have been assessed and evaluated by the EQUI Investment Team prior to publication. Stakes can then be acquired in project(s) of interest using EQUItokens.”

Goodbye guesswork and hello to educated and informed investment opportunities that can be enjoyed on a super secure platform, with no risk of personal information being manipulated or lost. With experienced investment managers on hand, even a novice can feel secure with EQUI.

The future of investment opportunities is here and heralds an exciting new era and, potentially, a change in fortunes for more people, but it’s early days. The proof of the pudding will really be in the eating, so grab a spoon, or maybe some EQUItokens and see how full you get and how quickly!

Written by
Amy Financial Trend Guru
, 5 March 2018