Written by
Nathan Cafearo, Chief Executive
, 24 September 2018
I was able to claim back £64.50 in 60 seconds. It is a little known fact that you are able to claim all of the tax back if you have missed a British Airways flight for any reason.

June of this year was a particularly busy time for me. I had been asked to fly to London to meet some of Switcha’s partners. Normally I would have booked my flights through a travel agent but this time decided to book them quickly myself. Big mistake. When I turned up to the airport that Wednesday at 5.30am for my flight with British Airways to London City I logged in to the app to check in. That’s when I discovered that I had booked the flights for the following Tuesday by mistake. Oops. So that day’s meetings were done by conference call which wasn’t ideal. That left me with a £250 flight booked for the following Tuesday, a non-refundable flight no less. I thought nothing more about it until a couple of weeks later when I remembered an article that I had read a few years back that explained that a big part of the cost of a flight ticket is tax and that if you didn’t travel the airline didn’t have to pay it and that some airlines allow you to claim that tax back. So I set myself the task of doing just that. Easy I thought and in the end it was but I suspect only because I know how to use Google really well.

I put into google site:https://www.britishairways.com tax claim missed flight

The first hurdle that I faced was that British Airways support tells you to use the app to reclaim the tax. That won’t work if you’ve missed the flight as you won’t be able to log into your booking. Using some of Google’s advanced search options I was able to search the British Airways site for the phone number of the team that deals with Tax reclaims. I dialled the number and got through to a fantastically helpful guy who simply took my booking reference and told me that the tax would be refunded to my card. And it was. Simple as that. I should add that this article is not meant to be negative regarding British Airways they were absolutely great...I was the idiot who booked a flight for the wrong day.

So...my flight cost £250. The tax was £94.50. BA charge £30 telephone fee (it literally took 60 second but ok, whatever). So I got a refund of £64.50.

If I had known before the flight took off I could have claimed back the tax online saving a further £15 by going to Online claim form

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Other airlines that offer refunds

  1. Ryanair - £17 - One month - By this form
  2. Flybe - £25 - No time limit - Claims page
  3. Virgin Atlantic -  £30 - No time limit - by calling 0344 209 7770
  4. EasyJet - Free - No time limit - calling customer services on 0330 365 5000

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Written by
Nathan Chief Executive
, 24 September 2018