Written by
Amy Buxton, Financial Trend Guru
, 17 September 2018

When life’s little inconveniences occur, it never hurts to have a team of professionals waiting in the wings to help and that’s exactly what Home Emergency Assist offers, except with one difference: they’re on hand for the big stuff too.

Here at Switcha, we understand that running a household is fraught with issues, complications and concerns, which is why, inevitably, certain things will fall through the cracks. You might have home insurance and know when your car cover is up for renewal, but what about making sure that all of your utilities and appliances are protected too?

It’s easy to assume that home insurance policies will cover absolutely everything and so few people take the time to really understand their policy documents that in the event of, let’s say, a boiler breakdown, a shock might be in the post when it’s not fully compensated. This is exactly why Switcha has sought out a premier emergency cover provider to partner with.

So what makes Home Emergency Assist the perfect option for Switcha customers? Simply put, it offers affordable, straightforward cover for everything in the home that can present enormous and ill-timed bills. What’s more, cover is just one click away, thanks to the easy to navigate Switcha website. The team at Home Emergency Assist are keen to show that they,

“…are looking to bring a product to market that, in general, has always been aimed at an older customer. Newer homeowners and young people who may not know this cover is out there is who we are keen to reach, so they can insure against a problem that can be really costly and inconvenient to remedy.”

With cover options starting from as little as £1.49 a month, peace of mind has never been so easy to come by, but what exactly can you protect? Notably, Home Emergency Assist offers cover for:

  • Boilers, regardless of fuel type
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Appliances
  • Landlord-specific policies

Home Emergency Assist

As you can see, there is a policy for absolutely everyone, regardless of home ownership status, but by far the most popular policy is the ‘Complete Cover’ offering. Including everything listed above, as well as some handy extras in the form of lost house keys, pest control, home security and even roof damage, Home Emergency assist has done the research, identified what people need and now, offers it, all for a reasonable price. That’s the very embodiment of what Switcha is all about, which is why this fresh partnership is such great news for consumers.

Speaking with Home Emergency Assist, it’s clear that the link up is proving to be exciting for everyone involved,

“We think that Switcha has a different approach to reaching customers, compared to larger comparison companies and I think that as a younger audience move away from TV ads as a form of marketing, there is more space for a companies to connect with people on their own terms, such as when they are using the internet. Switcha clearly understands this.”

It’s true that here at Switcha we do relate to customers who don’t want to be bombarded with aggressive marketing tactics and that, in return, is why Home Emergency Assist was a perfect partner. With impressive Trust Pilot reviews from verified customers, a simple-to-use website and unfussy marketing, there was a natural symbiosis between the two operations. Add to this the fact that both are being driven by the desire to offer customers value-added peace of mind and the connection was simply common sense.

Offering policies for everyone, but particularly looking to capture the attention on non-traditional audiences, such as young homeowners, Home Emergency Assist and Switcha have joined forces to create a one-stop home protection shop that absolutely everyone can understand. Clear policies, no hidden small print and responsive customer service teams all work together to ensure not only a simple application process but also a policy term free of unexpected issues. 

With Switcha and Home Emergency Assist joining forces, it’s like having a guardian angel looking over not only your home, but also your finances.

Written by
Amy Financial Trend Guru
, 17 September 2018

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