Written by
Amy Buxton, Financial Trend Guru
, 25 June 2018

Imagine how convenient it would be to be able to locate low-cost travel tickets, competitive holiday insurance and a favourable rate of exchange for foreign currency, all in one place. Well, thanks to Switcha’s new partnership with Transfer Travel, that dream has become a reality.

Having announced a new partnership with Transfer Travel, Switcha customers are keen to know all about this innovative company, as well as what benefits they can expect to enjoy, as a result of the link-up.

What is Transfer Travel all about?

In a nutshell, Transfer Travel offers customers an easy way to buy and sell unwanted travel tickets. For those selling, they benefit from recouping at least some of the original ticket price, which would have otherwise been chalked up as a life lesson. Learnt the hard way. For people looking to take advantage of last minute deals, Transfer Travel has totally reinvented the market, offering genuinely discounted products.

Buyers are protected by a comprehensive payment system that sees monies held, until all ticket details have been transferred by the seller, to the satisfaction of their customer. Don’t go thinking that this means a delay in the process however, as it takes no longer than 72-hours, from start to finish.

Sellers are also offered peace of mind in the form of a no sale, no fee guarantee. If a last minute ticket goes unsold, there will be nothing at all to pay, but in the event of a successful transaction, just 15% of the ticket price will be retained, as payment for online services and support from Transfer Travel.

(above) Simon Powell, Founder of Transfer Travel

Why has Switcha partnered with Transfer travel?

In a bid to always be offering consumers simple and transparent access to the best deals on the net, be it in the form of affordable insurance premiums or last minute travel deals, Switcha has been vigilant. Keeping a close eye on Transfer Travel ever since its inception, when the latest round of funding was complete and exceptional reviews started pouring in, it was time to make a tangible business connection.

Now, with an easy to navigate website and mobile app in place, Transfer Travel has proven to be the perfect partner for Switcha, as travel enthusiasts can enjoy a one-stop approach to sourcing last minute deals, insurance and even competitive exchange rates.

Why is it important to offer everything in one place?

There are two simple answers to this question: convenience and value and luckily, for savvy consumers, Switcha is keen to maximise both.

Time is money, we all know it’s true and with everybody having increasingly busy lives, who has time to cross-check 10 or more websites to find a super cheap last minute travel deal? Even if there is time, the chances are that you’ll find something within your budget, risk taking a look at a few more websites and then find that the cheapest option has been snapped up in the meantime. What a nightmare!

Switcha aims to take the risk out of sourcing last minute travel options, through an innovative partnership with Transfer Travel that offers holidaymakers peace of mind that they are getting a truly excellent deal, from fellow travellers, just like them. There’s no inflated profit margin being included, which mans that sellers are simply trying to recover some of the money that have already paid out and that means that there is serious potential for some bargains.

Which complementary products can travellers search for on Switcha?

Imagine that you find a fantastic Transfer Travel deal via Switcha and then want to quickly work out how much spending money you can reasonably expect to take with you. Oh and don’t forget that you’ll need travel insurance as well. Well, by simply hitting the relevant tabs on the Switcha website, you can get all your travel ducks in a row, almost instantaneously.

The only things Switcha can’t do is pack your bags for you and apply your sun cream!

Written by
Amy Financial Trend Guru
, 25 June 2018

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