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Top 10 locations to take your motorhome in the UK

If you love adventures and own a motorhome read our list of the most beautiful locations to visit in the UK. With the freedom of your motorhome you can travel from south to north, uncovering th...

Lukasz Gziut
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Most affordable cars to insure in 2018!

With rising car insurance prices, savings have never been more important to us! We know it’s a necessity having to pay for car insurance, so we got together one great way on reducing the cost...

Lukasz Gziut
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Time to Switcha!

We always keep an eagle eye on any new developments within the marketplace to keep our users aware of how they can save more of their hard-earned monies! Citizens Advice, which is a network of...

Lukasz Gziut
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Sam Knight

Reviewed our Binary Article

I’ve wanted to get involved in the Binary market for years now but have never quite understood how the technology works. Your recent article cut right through the c**p and helped me both understand blockchain and find a wallet provider that works well for me. 

Jordan Chavoush

Reviewed our Newsletters

An excellent website, very informative. You don’t send me too many newsletters and when you do they contain much better deals than I’ve had with other similar sites. My wife was particularly happy with the 20% off Wimbledon tickets ;-)

Mark Quirk

Reviewed our Energy Section

Thank you Switcha, I was able to find a cheaper energy tariff. I had been on the same standard tariff for 15 years, I just wish I’d found you sooner. You’ve got me addicted to saving now.